Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Ducks in Flight
    Ducks in Flight 
    Ducks in Flight
    The ducks burst from the ice crusted pond as I approached the edge. Their frenzied quacking shattered the silence and the feverish beat of their wings stirred the drifting sunrise illuminated mist. they swirled about the sky for a few minutes then came to the realization there was really nowhere else to go and settled back to the water, unfortunately in deep shadow.
  • Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe 
  • Sunset in the clouds
    Sunset in the clo.. 
    Sunset in the clouds
    A photograph taken from a plane that was traveling from Hawaii to Los Angeles CA. This image features a sunset on the clouds from the air.
  • Surreal Sunset
    Surreal Sunset 
    Surreal Sunset
    Scenic view of sunset over inlet and hills with a chair in the calm water, with reflections of sunset
  • Bahía de San Lorenzo
    Bahía de San Lor.. 
    Bahía de San Lorenzo
    San Lorenzo beach in Gijón, Spain.
  • New York Sunset
    New York Sunset 
    New York Sunset
    This is photo was taken in early August on the shores of North Fork, New York
  • Anasquam Lighthouse
    Anasquam Lighthouse 
    Anasquam Lighthouse
    This photo was taken in the quaint town of Glouster, Mass. A beautiful location with a variety of photo opportunities from shops to lighthouses to fishing to boats and museums. The photo was taken at sunset around 6 pm. Taken at sunset puts the lighthouse in silhouette bringing out its fine detail.
  • returning home
    returning home 
    returning home
    Gone are those days when I return home in a cycle. I have made myself free but carrying the burden of shackles with me. Hurry in a hurry to reach my destination. i do not know where it lies
  • Beach
  • kljlkjlk
  • Rising Over The Sea
    Rising Over The Sea 
  • Sunrise from Saint Paul de Vence
    Sunrise from Sain.. 
    Sunrise from Saint Paul de Vence
    View to the northeast from the ramparts of Saint Paul de Vence, France, at sunrise
  • Angel's Ladder
    Angel's Ladder 
  • yellow Grand-Falls sunrise
    yellow Grand-Fall.. 
    yellow Grand-Falls sunrise
    This sunrise was captured early in the morning driving to work,in Grand-Falls NB
  • Stormy NY Harbor at Sunset
    Stormy NY Harbor .. 
    Stormy NY Harbor at Sunset
    This was taken from Battery park on a stormy windy evening. It is three different exposures merged into one.
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