Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Blue And Pink Haze Of An African Sunrise
    Blue And Pink Haz.. 
    Blue And Pink Haze Of An African Sunrise
    The blue and pink haze of an African sunrise - taken in the Botswana bush
  • Evergreen
  • Between storms
    Between storms 
    Between storms
    Sunset on the beach between rainstorms in Ocean Beach, San Diego.
  • Sunset Close to Ciudad del Carmen Mexico
    Sunset Close to C.. 
  • Pink Glow
    Pink Glow 
    Pink Glow
    Bright Pink glowing sunset on the waters of Lake Ontario.
  • Palm Forest
    Palm Forest  
    Palm Forest
    A forest of palms lining the lagoon.
  • Far away
    Far away 
    Far away
    Far away, near russian border
  • Marbella Sunset
    Marbella Sunset 
    Marbella Sunset
    This was a beautiful sunset in January 2012 whilst I was on a conference. It was taken from the beach behind Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella.
  • Lamp At Dusk
    Lamp At Dusk 
    Lamp At Dusk
    This photograph was taken in Disney's Epcot Theme Park in Orlando. After noticing the beautiful orange and blue sky, I searched for something to place in the foreground of my picture; the defined edges of the lamp post provided great contrast to the expansive sky.
  • Beautiful Sunset, along the Irish Coast
    Beautiful Sunset,.. 
    Beautiful Sunset, along the Irish Coast
    From August of 2011, along the world famous promenade along the majestic west coast of the beautiful beaches in Lahinch, Ireland
  • Glowing Orange Laguna Beach Sunset
    Glowing Orange La.. 
    Glowing Orange Laguna Beach Sunset
    It was like the horizon was on fire as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. The yellows, oranges, and reds were incredible. The clouds in the foreground ominous. This was snapped right before the Green Flash.
  • Bournemouth pier sunset shot
    Bournemouth pier .. 
    Bournemouth pier sunset shot
    This picture was taken on Bournemouth pier and shows the beach, sea and the sun setting over the hill in the distance
  • Lone Tree
    Lone Tree 
    Lone Tree
    Floating on the pond, I captured this photo right at the start of sundown. This lone tree is the focus point behind the sun beams pouring down behind it
  • Antwerp Anvers Antwerpen Sunset
    Antwerp Anvers An.. 
    Antwerp Anvers Antwerpen Sunset
    The Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) is a museum located in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, Belgium, opened in May 2011
  • Sky - On- Fire
    Sky - On- Fire 
    Sky - On- Fire
    Sunset over the ohio0 river , the spectacular colors , made it look like the whole sky was on fire
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