Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Missouri Morning
    Missouri Morning 
    Missouri Morning
    A beautiful blue morning sky with pink clouds. With a band of fog to separate the sky from the earth. Taken in rural Missouri
  • Beach runner
    Beach runner 
    Beach runner
    A runner passes on the beach, in front of a beautiful sunset.
  • Stormy NY Harbor at Sunset
    Stormy NY Harbor .. 
    Stormy NY Harbor at Sunset
    This was taken from Battery park on a stormy windy evening. It is three different exposures merged into one.
  • Tulsa Sunset
    Tulsa Sunset 
    Tulsa Sunset
    I have clicked this picture in very beautiful dawn. I have used the fisheye lens to take most of the sunset. This picture I took was in Tulsa.
  • Sunset Under A Concrete Bridge
    Sunset Under A Co.. 
  • unique yellow Bouctouche  NB Sunset
    unique yellow Bou.. 
    unique yellow Bouctouche NB Sunset
    This sunset was captured,at the beach in Bouctouche NB.while on vacation
  • On the beach
    On the beach 
  • Israel beach sunset
    Israel beach sunset 
    Israel beach sunset
    a beach sunset on a cloudy day
  • Sunset in New York
    Sunset in New York 
    Sunset in New York
    Sunset at the World's Fair Marina on Flushing Bay after a heavy rain.
  • Dog silhouette sunset in South Africa
    Dog silhouette su.. 
    Dog silhouette sunset in South Africa
    Amazing silhouette of a dog just after sunset on the west coast of South Africa
  • Puri beach sunset
    Puri beach sunset 
    Puri beach sunset
    The photo is taken just before the sunset at the Puri Sea beach
  • Outriggers at dawn
    Outriggers at dawn 
    Outriggers at dawn
    Dolphin spotting from an outrigger in Lovina, Bali
  • Colorful Louisiana Sunset
    Colorful Louisian.. 
    Colorful Louisiana Sunset
    I parked on the side of Farmerville Hwy in Louisiana to take this beautiful picture of a Ruston sunrise. The February winter barren tree silhouette is accentuated by the shades of pink, orange, and yellow in the clouds surrounding the pretty sunrise.
  • Gothic Sunset in the High Desert
    Gothic Sunset in .. 
    Gothic Sunset in the High Desert
    This photo was taken in the High Desert of Eastern Oregon, where we have wide open spaces and skies of fire. Shooting this picture was kind of creepy. It was very hot and the wind was blowing the dust and tumbleweeds everywhere. The only sound to be heard was the coyotes howling and the trains whistling. You can bet I hurried home right after the sun went down. This picture is gothic and full of energy. It has a life of it\'s own
  • Jogger at the break of dawn
    Jogger at the bre.. 
    Jogger at the break of dawn
    Silhouette of jogger and palm tree\'s at the break of dawn
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