Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  •  Walney sunset reflections
    Walney sunset re.. 
    Walney sunset reflections
    A sunset from walney island with groynes and cloud reflections.
  • Lord meditating at sunset. My Buddha
    Lord meditating a.. 
    Lord meditating at sunset. My Buddha
    Buddha meditating at sunset. Warm clouds. But he was in his own
  • Bunaken Diver Sunset
    Bunaken Diver Sun.. 
    Bunaken Diver Sunset
    Sunset cruise boat ride on glassy water at sunset off the coast of the island of Bunaken Indonesia.
  • Sunset in Australia
    Sunset in Australia 
    Sunset in Australia
    Last minute of shine at very quiet area
  • Sunset
    Sunset in the south Carribean.
  • Rain cloud sunset
    Rain cloud sunset 
    Rain cloud sunset
    Rain cloud sunset at McLeod lake outside of Monkman provincial park in British Columbia
  • Moody
  • Sunset with two Artistic leaf
    Sunset with two A.. 
    Sunset with two Artistic leaf
    Digital Painting created in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Thuwal Parking Lot
    Thuwal Parking Lot 
    Thuwal Parking Lot
    32-Bit HDR, Photomatix, Photoshop Saudi Aramco KAUST Projects parking lot
  • purple phuket
    purple phuket 
    purple phuket
    phuket thailand
  • Fishing at Dusk with Yacht
    Fishing at Dusk w.. 
    Fishing at Dusk with Yacht
    A seagull catches fish which have surfaced to catch the last of the day’s sun. A yachtsman watches in the background. Es Forti, Mallorca, Spain.
  • Sunset Mar Cantábrico
    Sunset Mar Cantá.. 
    Sunset Mar Cantábrico
    The Cantabrian Sea is the sea coast of the Atlantic Ocean which washes the north coast of Spain and the southwest coast of France, forms part of the southern Bay of Biscay. This was taken at Cabo Penas. Cabo Peñas is the northernmost place in Asturias, Spain, and is located at Gozón.
  • Sunrise Through the Fog
    Sunrise Through t.. 
    Sunrise Through the Fog
    I took this photo one foggy morning just as the sun was rising.
  • River Freeze-up
    River Freeze-up 
    River Freeze-up
    The freeze-up and the thaw are my favourite times in this magical part of the world.
  • Rocky Harbour Sunset
    Rocky Harbour Sun.. 
    Rocky Harbour Sunset
    This photo was taken at Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. Rocky Harbour is located on the west coast of Newfoundland in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. The clouds are the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. It was really windy and cold.
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