Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Young Stars in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud
    Young Stars in th.. 
    Young Stars in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud
    "Newborn stars peek out from beneath their natal blanket of dust in this dynamic image of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Called "Rho Oph" by astronomers, it's one of the closest star-forming regions to our own solar system. Located near the constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus, the nebula is about 407 light years away from Earth. Rho Oph is a complex made up of a large main cloud of molecular hydrogen, a key molecule allowing new stars to form from cold cosmic gas, with two long streamers trailing off in different directions. Recent studies using the latest X-ray and infrared observations reveal more than 300 young stellar objects within the large central cloud. Their median age is only 300,000 years, very young compared to some of the universe's oldest stars, which are more than 12 billion years old. The colors in this image reflect the relative temperatures and evolutionary states of the various stars. The youngest stars are surrounded by dusty disks of gas from which they, and their potential planetary systems, are forming. These young disk systems show up as red in this image. Some of these young stellar objects are surrounded by their own compact nebulae. More evolved stars, which have shed their natal material, are blue." - Official NASA Site. This is an official NASA image.
  • Mussoorie Sunset
    Mussoorie Sunset  
    Mussoorie Sunset
    Taken from a place called char dukan in Mussoorie, India. One if the best places on earth to view a sunset.
  • Svenner 8
    Svenner 8 
    Svenner 8
    Sunrise this winter over the sea and Svenner
  • Blue Cape Cod Sunset
    Blue Cape Cod Sun.. 
    Blue Cape Cod Sunset
    A blue cloudy sunset on Cape Cod
  • Septembers Sorrow
    Septembers Sorrow 
    Septembers Sorrow
    The sunset this September 2013 in honoring and remembering our lost and loved ones.We will always remember,miss,and love you! Gone, but never forgotten on that fateful September day back in 2001.God Bless your families and friends keeping them ever close as you soar with the angels till we meet again.
  • Another World
    Another World 
    Another World
    Shot over my pond, it was an awesome sunset on a cold day.
  • bright yellow sunset/Grand-Falls NB
    bright yellow sun.. 
    bright yellow sunset/Grand-Falls NB
    This photo was captured,in Grand-Falls NB
  • Sunset in New York
    Sunset in New York 
    Sunset in New York
    Sunset at the World's Fair Marina on Flushing Bay after a heavy rain.
  • Waking Eye
    Waking Eye 
    Waking Eye
    I like sunrises and sunsets with lots of textured clouds. Therefore, I was worried the morning I took this picture because the forecast called for clear skies. Luckily enough, I was graced with this one single cloud which happened to be at just the right spot. I feel that it gives the image some substance
  • Cat Tails
    Cat Tails 
    Cat Tails
    Caught this unique view of the sun through the cat tails on the beach
  • Northern Black Forrest HDR sunset
    Northern Black Fo.. 
    Northern Black Forrest HDR sunset
    Sunset as seen from the northern black forrest looking towards France and Rhineland-Palatinate.
  • Smokinia Sunrise
    Smokinia Sunrise 
    Smokinia Sunrise
    This is a sunrise at the \"Smokinia\" camping near the town of Sozopol on the Black Sea. My friends are there watching it too from an abandoned beach bar
  • KOH Mak Sunset
    KOH Mak Sunset 
    KOH Mak Sunset
    sunset on the beautiful island of koh map, thailand
  • Dawlish Sunrise
    Dawlish Sunrise 
    Dawlish Sunrise
    Sunrise over Dawlish
  • Pink Hawaiian sunset
    Pink Hawaiian sun.. 
    Pink Hawaiian sunset
    2008 trip to the big island of Hawaii
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