Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • On A Hill
    On A Hill 
  • Firey Sky Landscape
    Firey Sky Landscape 
    Firey Sky Landscape
    An amazing red sunset with a cool yellow cloud at Grayton Beach State Park. It was a cold winter day, Only 19 degrees!
  • Cape May Point Sunset
    Cape May Point Su.. 
    Cape May Point Sunset
    Cape May Point is regularly described as one of the best over-the-water sites for sunsets in America. Colors are seasonal; adding hues to the sunset palette from spring into fall and winter with a touch of atmospheric pollution seems to enrich the burst of colors. Of course gulls in their endless search for food always add a certain natural flair to any photo
  • Waking Eye
    Waking Eye 
    Waking Eye
    I like sunrises and sunsets with lots of textured clouds. Therefore, I was worried the morning I took this picture because the forecast called for clear skies. Luckily enough, I was graced with this one single cloud which happened to be at just the right spot. I feel that it gives the image some substance
  • After Sunset Antuiga
    After Sunset Antu.. 
    After Sunset Antuiga
    Tropical Sunset, pink blue colours
  • Epic Frankfurt Maintower Sunset
    Epic Frankfurt Ma.. 
    Epic Frankfurt Maintower Sunset
    An epic shot of the Maintower-peak in front of a deep red sunset, enough said - just enjoy it! ;)
  • Montrose Point Sunrise
    Montrose Point Su.. 
    Montrose Point Sunrise
    Sunrise at the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Chicago's Lincoln Park.
  • Orange Tucson Arizona Sunset
    Orange Tucson Ari.. 
    Orange Tucson Arizona Sunset
    Orange sunset with a couple of powerlines in the way.
  • Sunset behind the dunes
    Sunset behind the.. 
    Sunset behind the dunes
    Nice sky over the dunes of Terschelling.
  • Wheat Goodnight
    Wheat Goodnight 
    Wheat Goodnight
    It may not be wheat growing in the field, but it's very photogenic anyway.
  • Pacific Ocean
    Pacific Ocean 
  • Newport Bridge
    Newport Bridge 
  • Caged
    The setting sun caged by bars of winter stems in abstract representation of a prison
  • Singapore Soccer Field Sunset
    Singapore Soccer .. 
    Singapore Soccer Field Sunset
    Beautiful sunset in a soccer field in Singapore City.
  • Sparring at Sunrise
    Sparring at Sunrise 
    Sparring at Sunrise
    Living and working in this amazing area has allowed me to capture some great moments of these magnificent predators. The early morning light sits low in the sky and gives everything an orange glow.
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