Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Sunet over the Oresund Bridge
    Sunet over the Or.. 
  • Beautiful Sunset!
    Beautiful Sunset! 
  • vertical reflective sunset
    vertical reflecti.. 
  • Niagara Falls sunrise
    Niagara Falls sun.. 
    Niagara Falls sunrise
    Niagara Falls Sunrise
  • Autumn Morning & Fog on the River
    Autumn Morning & .. 
    Autumn Morning & Fog on the River
    Birch trees, shining with morning dew, stand tall in the left corner of the photograph, leaves, brown, green and yellow hanging on, the remnants of summer's foliage. In the foreground lies a bit of meadow, yellow and green still. The river runs with leaves floating quietly, shining bright with fog and sun, and the fog is brilliant as it rises above the river in a white haze. In the background lies a forest on the other side of the river, dark and mysterious, fading to black.
  • Blue Sky Sun Glow
    Blue Sky Sun Glow 
    Blue Sky Sun Glow
    Clean shot of a clear blue sky with the glow of the sun coming up from the bottom. Nice clean cloudless sky background pic.
  • The sun rises over Dawlish
    The sun rises ove.. 
    The sun rises over Dawlish
    The sun starts to rise out of the sea over Dawlish
  • my wonderful sunset
    my wonderful sunset 
    my wonderful sunset
    Il tramonto di Ascea
  • View from Ladies Beach
    View from Ladies .. 
    View from Ladies Beach
    A view from a restaurant at Ladies Beach
  • Brighton Sunset
    Brighton Sunset 
    Brighton Sunset
    Taken for fun ..sorry really don't know what else to write
  • Feeling Blue
    Feeling Blue 
  • Malaysian Red Sunset
    Malaysian Red Sun.. 
    Malaysian Red Sunset
    This image is captured at Malaysian Beach
  • Sur le lac
    Sur le lac 
    Sur le lac
    Fire on the lake
  • Rural sunset over Norfolk
    Rural sunset over.. 
    Rural sunset over Norfolk
    This photo was taken from a farm near Norwich just as the last of the suns light was visible through the clouds.
  • Bright Set
    Bright Set 
    Bright Set
    Gorgeous Bright Sunset on the waters of Lake Ontario with trees and water adding splendor to the orange hazy sky.
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