Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Four Mile Bridge Sunrise
    Four Mile Bridge .. 
    Four Mile Bridge Sunrise
    Four Mile Bridge Sunrise
  • kid\'s sand carving
    kid\'s sand carving 
    kid\'s sand carving
    Native boy in Boracay, Philippines. Sand carving as his playtime
  • African Township at Sunset
    African Township .. 
    African Township at Sunset
    Khayelitsha township in Cape Town settles into the night as sunset fades, with Table Mountain in the background
  • Wheat Goodnight
    Wheat Goodnight 
    Wheat Goodnight
    It may not be wheat growing in the field, but it's very photogenic anyway.
  • Feeling Blue
    Feeling Blue 
  • Sunset in the San Joaquin Valley
    Sunset in the San.. 
    Sunset in the San Joaquin Valley
    I was in the San Joaquin Valley on a late summer camping trip at the San Luis Reservoir. I grabbed my camera in the early evening, right before sunset, and set out to get some sky shots. This photos shows the dry rolling hills of the California Central Valley, and a peek of the reservoir lake. The last vestiges of the orange sun stand in sharp contrast to the dark blue evening sky and the black hills
  • Sanur Silhouette
    Sanur Silhouette 
    Sanur Silhouette
    Beautiful sunrise at Sanur Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia
  • The City By The Bay
    The City By The Bay 
  •  Walney sunset reflections
    Walney sunset re.. 
    Walney sunset reflections
    A sunset from walney island with groynes and cloud reflections.
  • Aldingham sunrise
    Aldingham sunrise 
    Aldingham sunrise
    Aldingham sunrise framing the sun between the groynes.
  • Sand sun reflection
    Sand sun reflection 
    Sand sun reflection
    This photo was taken at Torreira beach in Portugal
  • Purple and pink and orange dusk
    Purple and pink a.. 
    Purple and pink and orange dusk
    Late september dusk by the beach and the monument to Pasifae, daughter of the sun.
  • Tuscan Dusk
    Tuscan Dusk 
    Tuscan Dusk
    dusk shot of bridge Pointe Alla Carraia from Pointe Vechio. The deep blue of night is settling in and the golden lights reflect beautifully off the water
  • The Moment
    The Moment 
  • Red Fort Worth Sky
    Red Fort Worth Sky 
    Red Fort Worth Sky
    Photo of a Sunset in the city of Fort Worth Texas airport freeway.
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