Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Sunset over Pacific ocean
    Sunset over Pacif.. 
    Sunset over Pacific ocean
    This picture was made in Ocean Shores on Pacific Ocean shore.
  • Atlanta Rock Festival 1970
    Atlanta Rock Fest.. 
  • Tulsa Sunset
    Tulsa Sunset 
    Tulsa Sunset
    I have clicked this picture in very beautiful dawn. I have used the fisheye lens to take most of the sunset. This picture I took was in Tulsa.
  • Palm Trees Over Sunset
    Palm Trees Over S.. 
    Palm Trees Over Sunset
    Beautiful sunset in the Dominican Republic thru the Palm Trees
  • Harbor of Peace
    Harbor of Peace 
    Harbor of Peace
    This photo is taken in the beautiful city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The harbor is located in the Downtown of Victoria. The weather was gorgeous on that day. Just a few minutes after the sunset, the sky turned deep blue. There were also nice reflection of yachts and buildings. The silky feeling water creates a peaceful mood.
  • A boat at glow
    A boat at glow 
    A boat at glow
    Cool morning breeze was really tempting.Down flow river ganges. holy thou maketh the impure kind. I ride the boat to my destiny that i know well
  • cuban sunset
    cuban sunset 
    cuban sunset
    it was taken near home,in my birthplace ,guantanamo,cuba.the palms highlight as an important part of a cuban landscape.
  • wing
    fly. u can fly. dedicated to mig 21 pilots. who are no more
  • Wonderful Orangel Los Angeles Sunset
    Wonderful Orangel.. 
  • Wheat Goodnight
    Wheat Goodnight 
    Wheat Goodnight
    It may not be wheat growing in the field, but it's very photogenic anyway.
  • sunset in magee ms
    sunset in magee ms 
    sunset in magee ms
    took this while walking with my grandson,always with camera in my hand in the afternoons.never know!!
  • St. Paul's
    St. Paul's 
    St. Paul's
    I took this picture while running to the Globe so I wouldn't be late for a play. One of the best days of my life.
  • Ancaster Farm Sunrise
    Ancaster Farm Sun.. 
    Ancaster Farm Sunrise
    Ancaster Farm Sunrise
  • Rural sunset over Norfolk
    Rural sunset over.. 
    Rural sunset over Norfolk
    This photo was taken from a farm near Norwich just as the last of the suns light was visible through the clouds.
  • Connecticut River Sunset
    Connecticut River.. 
    Connecticut River Sunset
    Nearing sunset on a heavily overcast day with the sun breaking through the clouds over the Connecticut River in Springfield, Massachusetts
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